Haupt history

Haupt: A 90-year dedication to perfecting men’s shirtsHaupt: A 90-year dedication to perfecting men’s shirts

A family company steeped in tradition, Haupt history dates back to 1926. That’s the year Georg Haupt started an overall and apron factory in Leipzig, in eastern Germany. He later switched focus to men’s shirts, and never looked back.

After the Second World War, the Haupt family moved the company from Leipzig to the West German town of Lippstadt, just escaping the construction of the Iron Curtain. Today, the company is still headquartered in Lippstadt, and is still run by a man named Georg Haupt: the founder’s grandson.

Development of the Brand

Despite the many changes in the last 90 years, Haupt’s obsession continues to be men’s shirts. Haupt’s  sense of fashion has been honed to combine tradition with modernity, a new coolness, awareness for style, and “everyman” appeal. The company’s commitment to luxury, high-end woven fabrics is second to none.

Today, Haupt remains a men’s shirt specialist, with products designed in Germany and made in Europe. In the exacting tradition of German manufacturing, Haupt adheres to a higher standard of operation, design, engineering and textile manufacturing.